from All Rare Potatoes Be

I would love to lift your petticoat
With the dark side of my brain
Where I’m invisible to barrier
Where no thought is restrained
Where I can wake up next to someone
Who doesn’t have to choose
Which heart will fly her farther?
The soft of the loose?
And as my mind makes out the difference
A sound knocks at the door

And you have come to read poetry
And tease me with your charms
But as your hands reach out to touch her
You’re not thinking about her arms
And as she bends to pull me closer
My mind’s not on the dogs
As long as you’re building dams babe
I’m building logs
And as I watch her pass before me
My feet fight for the floor

And you have come with ripe tomatoes
That shiver into form
But where the desert meets the meadow
The sheets are sweet and warm
And your reflection on the window
Is burning like a stove
How far is far enough babe?
I’m sore to know
And as the painter pulls the curtains
He whispers through your clothes
And the world of art keeps turning