from Keep An Eye

I’m not trying to be your Ranier Maria Rilke
But your insult only sews the slipper shut
I can prophecy and pretend all you need me to
I will leave it up for you to deem worthless

I’m not making like some imaginary sparrow
I’m not even dreaming in the world you’re speaking of
Your heart begats its roots there’s no straight and narrow
And I’m already walking in an arc and I’m not looking for a plank to jump

So don’t come back at me with those tiny toenail slippers
My feet are too small and ladylike for those things
But if you let me wear your photograph inside my eyelids
Then you can have my great grandmother’s diamond rings

Now I really am not trying to prove you funny
I’m not spinning any yarns my clothes were made
Just you keep forking at my yolk til I am runny
But my shell is still intact so I am okay