from Keep An Eye

I don’t wanna be no trouble
I don’t want to peck and paw
I don’t want to be your double
Always trying to catch you in a fall

Well sometimes he loves you
And sometimes he don’t
Sometimes he forgives you
And sometimes he wont

I don’t want to be no bother
I don’t want to keep you crying
I don’t want to be your lawyer
I don’t want to bug you blind

But it was written in the cards
As it was written in the past
Some hearts just barely get by
And some hearts just barely last

All I need is that lowdown feeling
That doesn’t go away without drugs
To sing for me cause I can’t feel it
No I never been too good about love

I have opened myself
Like an unsigned letter
Not better or worse
But unhinged and unfettered
No worries, no doubts
I repeat to myself like it’s true

Like the morning that rises
When nighttime’s been severed
Not here nor there
But forever and ever
Unfound in the moment
Lost in this mess, dear, with you