from Keep An Eye

Outside the quails are squalling
And the sounds have all alarmed
But you can hear Poor Richard tugging
On his alabaster arm
Oh what kind witch have I stuck with?
Am I such a pull at straws?
Poor Richard thought with his two dots
But nothing set him off

Inside the room was standing
For the upper level seat
While the bailiff sat and fanned himself
Poor Richard felt the heat
I want two divorces drawn up now
I want one that I can keep
And underneath Poor Richard’s head
That document did sleep

Out in the icy wilderness
Miss Nosy took a peek
Inside Poor Richard’s briefcase
Quickly shut it and then shrieked
Then she punched him out the second floor
Threw his bed down in the street
But that night Poor Richard dreamed
Of endless possibilities

Now instead of making money
Poor Richard makes believe
And instead of feeling happy
Poor Richard feels relieved
Oh how many years can I endure
This penitentiary?
That I have built inside my mind
Yet scoffed with every beat