from All Rare Potatoes Be

I loved you like a diamond
But my wheels they spun too rough
And I hoped we’d shine a longer while
But sometimes life is tough

And I picture you from time to time
And then wash the fixer off
And then hang them high in a great big line
Until I feel I’ve had enough

And those dark and vacant bedroom eyes
That washed my bandage off
I’m done with cutting lines and forcing rhymes
I’m gonna let my spirit drop

Now what’s the matter with you?
Don’t you tell me you’re just trying to find who you are
Nobody ever has to know what a tyrant you were

Now listen boy you’re ’bout to find out what
When her clothes are packed and her hair is cut
And you owe it to her not to speak too much

But now listen little kittenears
Nestled in the dark
All transmissions here are serious
And pierced for the heart

There’s no middle ground to speak of
Just an under-furnished rug
Oh strum that dulcimer with feeling
And give that canvas a tug

I spent a long time begging
for you to carry me though

But now there’s no use in waiting
Somebody’s got a new maiden
And when you have to it’s never half as good

Oh how many times can you make that face?
How come it hurts when you call my name?
Well you can set a fire to my neighborhood
But I ain’t ever gonna look
No matter how long you cook