from Keep An Eye

Certainly I’m lonely
And certainly I’m sad
But certainty ain’t a luxury
I believe I’ve ever had

Don’t know how to took eight long years
To tell you exactly what you mean
Don’t know how I spent eight long years
Running on empty

Well if you need to travel
Find somewhere to unravel, honey
I got things to do
Just as long as I can find ya
Honey, far away as China
I’ll save a place for you

Don’t know how it ever came down to us
Trying to work this out by hand
When all we needed was the warm embrace
Of one another’s distant lands

But keep an eye for me
And I will keep an eye for you
Our comfortable continuings
Pent up underneath our moon

Well if you need some time
To sit and think about your mind, honey
I like thinking too
But if you need some other kind
To help you find what you must find, honey
Any girl will do