from Keep An Eye

I may not eat all your macaroni
And my mind might drift while your talking to me
But I don’t mean no harm, just tug me by the arm
And I’ll come crashing back into your story

It ain’t that I’m unsure how I’m feeling
And it’s not that I don’t know what we are doing
Oh I can be that man, but I hope you understand
If I wait until that weather passes over you

I may not have played the cards you delt me
When it was obvious that both our hands were empty
But if I kiss your cheek, we won’t speak for weeks
And I’d rather have your voice than just your company

But I’ll still walk you home when nighttime comes a callin’
And you know I’ll keep that cold water comin’
Lord, it ain’t that I’m scared, or worried people care
I just want to without feeling guilty