from All Rare Potatoes Be

Everything you’ve heard about me
Every word is true
Even the embellishments
Don’t paint an honest view
I don’t suffer much for critics
Don’t suffer critics much
While I’m busy rolling in it
They’re still begging for a touch

Well I heard that you rolled sevens
So I put you to the test
But the wounds you healed they ain’t nothing like
The ones that you undressed
I know it don’t make no difference
But how could I refuse?
Oh I love you more than ever now that
You’re a part of someone else’s world
I find it irresistible

And you look so different
In that skirt you wear
Can’t help but wonder
What has changed?
And you bet it all
On a mirror and a ball
But I don’t work for you no more
I don’t work for you no more
Pull that picture from its frame
Wash that fixer off and hang
Yes, all the champagne you could ever dream is yours