from Worn to the Weft

The untimely death of Ted
Gave his orphaned son feel sads
Robert he’s a good boy
But sometimes a man needs help and rest
He’s feeling better and but
Have you seen his friend, Sam?

Sam comes from a wicked mom
Pulled down by a quicksand arm
But when Gayle gets sober
She starts thinking over shit long past
She’s feeling better
As she tips her closest friend, Luanne.

Luanne works the 5th St lamps
Saving hope for her sick aunt
Barbara the organ donor
She left her right lung and her last two packs
But had she quit sonner
She’d be laughing and not lowered to bed

Oh and maybe I want what I write to be seen
By a select class of nocturnal being, huh?
And yes you can play it soft with your luxury things
But I got the lead role in the sting, hmm.